Bashdar Noori~Kurdish Painter~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Bashdar noori fathullah

2005 Bachelor of art - University of Sulaymaneyah – Art College – painting
2001 Institute of fine arts – Erbil – Painting

Born 1980 Erbil- Kurdistan Region – Iraq
Living in Erbil
Artistic Skill
Drawing, Mix materials art, oil and Acrylic Painting, Portrait and art Composition, Designs  
2004 -2005 head of contact in Peru for art Organizations
2005-2016 art Teacher- College of fine art Erbil- Iraq
2007-2008 imploded in the Mobitels telecom Communications Designs Departed in POS Erbil –Kurdistan Region – Iraq
2013-2014 teach at the (lawk) night Institute of Fine Arts Erbil- Drawing, Colour and supervise.
2007- 2015 cc managers in Esta art for art's and cloture Organizations
2016 head of Designer in Rosa publisher    

Participations in Galleries 
 2000-2001 Kurdistan National Gallery Erbil
2004-2006 Zamwa Gallery, Sulaymaneyah, -Iraq
2012-1016 snowing term, Shanader galleries
2016 Duhok galleries -Iraq 
Group exhibitions 
1996-2001 All Institute Fine Arts’ festivals, Erbil, Duhok, Sulaymaneyah, Iraq
2000-2004 the Art Teachers Group exhibitions, Erbil, Iraq
2005 Kurdish society exhibition - Nashville, Washington DC, Oregon, USA 
2001-2006 All Art College’s Festivals, Sulaymaneyah, Iraq
2009-2010 Post a collective exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the Dutch Consul
2010-2011 The participation of a group exhibition with bound art Roll in Britain, the / London
2012-2013 The participation of a group exhibition with bound now the new art in the College of Fine Arts / Erbil
2013-2014 Post tri exhibition entitled Anfaisal now bound with new art in the Media / Erbil Hall
2014-2015Post Smbouzayh titled Support for peshmerga guerrillas with the house Althagaqa / Erbil and Howcar Krupp Association in Shanader / Erbil Park
2014-2015 exhibitions groups for Alan's death children in / Erbil and Howcar group Association in Shanader / Erbil Park
2016 exhibitions groups in Duhok galleries in the name freedom cooler
2016 exhibitions groups in media Galleries in the name 7 artist   
2017, exhibitions groups in zamwa gallery for Sulaymaneyah, Iraq
2017 exhibitions groups for new roz / Erbil and Howcar group Association in Shanader / Erbil Park

Iraqi President’s Residence, Baghdad, 2003 
Personal art collection, Sulaymaneyah
 Formations Iraq group exhibition in the town of Kifri
Kurdistan Artists’ Union, Sulaymaneyah, Iraq
Iraqi Artists’ Union, Baghdad, Iraq
Esta arts organization for arts and cultures
 Peru organization for arts

Language qualifications 
Kurdish, mother tongue, and Sorani, Badini and Krmanji
Arabic language: reading, writing, listening and fluency in all dialectics
English language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking

Artist statement 
When I was in primary school I had a great art teacher. When he saw my drawing and my skill he requested to meet my parents to develop my abilities and to guide me. Now, predominantly my art works are not one certain style because, I respect the art generally. I like to do portraits, compositions and copy international artists work however, this does not mean just I am recognizing as a realistic artist. I have had different roles at different stages in my life such as an art student and teacher. Art gives me many things such as, different personalities, passions, wisdom, and inspiration. It gives me a big responsibility in my life because when I go overseas I am my country’s representative. This is why I try to do my best. 
Painting can transfer my thoughts to the canvas and surfaces. Therefore, this shows my impressions via colours, textures, sizes and brushes. Nature, tradition, culture and humanity are sources of inspiration resource to achieve my art works. They have always been major themes in my art spaces. There are three reasons which are motivating me to do my art works. Firstly, arts give the message that humankind deserves to live in peace without any war. Secondly, it is my desire to become my nation’s representative to show the world wide who we are after the experience we have. Finally, art is not just joyful action it helps societies to document culture, beauty, time, understanding, existence and wisdom.
Sometimes, I use different techniques and mix materials, but this depends on the style that I am using. For instance, when I do my abstract work I do not rely on the pallets but, make the canvas itself the pallet. My favourite medium is acrylics because they are safer in terms of health it and they dry quickly. Most times I mix other materials with my art work to give it more cohesion as a canvas and with the subjects. Recently, I have started to research about the genocide for my studio project and I am using the signature as a symbol, and analysing the stories behind it.  

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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