Historical :The Bridge Delal ' Zakho, ~ Duhok south of Kurdistan

The Bridge Delal
Delal or Pira Delal also Pirdí Delal ("The Bridge Delal" in Kurdish), informally known also as Pira Berî (Stone Bridge)The Dalal Bridge is an ancient bridge in the town of Zakho, built on the Khapoor River. It is 114 meters long, 4.7 meters wide, and 16 meters high and was built using large rivers tones. Zakho is also known for its mineral springs which are thought to have medicinal properties, especially for skin diseases.
  photo by Sandrine Alexie 

Wasu rahman (raban boya) Saqlawa~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

مزاری ربن بويا (شيخ وسو رحمان) له‌ شه‌قلاوه‌

Wasu rahman (raban boya)  Saqlawa~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Historical : The Citadel khanzadi meri soran ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Museum And Archives Of Education Erbil south of Kurdistan

مۆزەخانە و ئەرشیفی پەروەردەی هەولێر

Historical : Hawler Qishla~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Hawler Qishla
گەڕەكی عەرەب ئەم گەڕەكە دەكەوێتە خوارووی قەڵای هەولێر و یەكێكە لە گەڕەكە كۆنەكانی شاری هەولێر. خانووەكانی ئەم گەڕەكە لەكەرپووچ دروستكراون و دەرگا و پەنجەرەكانی لە دارو ئاسنە هەندێك لەم خانووانە نەخش و نیگاری تێدابەكارهاتووە كە هەندێكیان زۆر جوان و سەرنج ڕاكێشن. وەستای بیناسازی توانیویەتی بەكەرپووچ شێوازی جوان بۆ داپۆشینی خانووەكان (واجهە) بەكاربهێنێت ، كۆڵانەكانی ئەمگەڕەكە بەشێوەی پەناوپێچ دروستكراون كە ئەمەش تایبەتمەندی ئەوكاتە لەخۆ دەگرێت ،یەكێك لە شوێنەگرنگەكانی ئەم گەڕەكە قشلەی(سواری) یە مێژووی گرنگی تایبەتی هەیە

The archaeological museum in Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

مۆزه‌خانه‌ی سلێمانی

The Sulaimani Museum contains thousands of ancient artifacts, such as tablets and pottery. 

Erbil Civilization Museum مۆزه‌خانه‌ی شارستانی هه‌ولێر

Museum and Archaeological Sites in Erbil south of Kurdistan
مۆزه‌خانه‌ی شارستانی هه‌ولێر

The history of Hawler dates back to over 6,000 years BC, which is the oldest continuously inhabiting city in the world, by this, Hawler will be a very great place which contains many archaeological materials which will be very important, not only for the Kurdish or Iraqi people, but for he Humanity as a whole.
This is Erbil Civilization Museum, the museum is on Kirkuk Road between the 30m street and the 60m street, just opposite to the Kurdistan International Bank, near Sheraton Hotel.
 It is rich in various antiquities, statues, remains of Erbil & surrounding areas ancient civilization

Historical : Hawler Qaysari

Qaysari Market lies at 728m and is directly opposite the Erbil Citadel. Constructed during the Ottoman Empire it was built in the form of Latin characters. The Market is a large and elevated hall. It shelters a large number of shops. It has two main entrances south and west. Its many roof skylights and openings provide for lighting and ventilation.

Historical :Koya Qaysari ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Koya Qaysari was built in 1904 A.D. by Haji Abdullah Haji Mustafa Miskeen in the Koya city center. It consists of two parts which are the old and new Qaysari. Koya Qaysari was renovated in 1994 A.D. "Qaysari" means a covered bazaar.

Source:Official Site of General Board of Tourism of Kurdistan

Historical :Koya Qishla ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

 Qshla is located in the center of Koya City. Researchers differ on the date of its construction. Some relate it to the Mamalik era while others relate it to the second half of the 19th century during the rule of Ottoman Governor Midhat Pasha of Baghdad

Historical : The Cannon of Wasta Rajab , Rawandiz~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

The Cannon of Wasta Rajab  تۆپی وه‌ستا ره‌جه‌ب

 This cannon was fabricated by Wasta Rajab during the rule of Prince Muhammad; the Prince of Soran (1813-1837). Wasta Rajab was the only Kurdish who was sent to France by Prince Muhammad to learn the art of weapon-making.

Historical : Pashai Gawra Castle "EajQala" Rawandiz~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

The Great Pasha Fortress is located on the main road between Soran and Rawandiz.  It was built between 1813 and 1837 A.D. during the era of Mir Mohammed, who was also called "Pashai Gawra" . Mir Mohammed was the prince of the "Soran" principality at the time. Some of the Castle's foundations and parts of the wall are still standing today.

Shanidar Cave, an archaeological site in the Bradsot mountain, Zagros Mountains in Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan

The entrance to Shanidar Cave in Erbil, Kurdistan

Institute of Fine Arts-Hawler په‌یمانگای هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر

په‌یمانگای هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر

Institute of Fine Arts Hawlerپه‌یمانگای هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر

College of Fine Arts- Hawler كۆلێژی هونه‌ره‌جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر

College of Fine Arts Hawler كۆلێژی هونه‌ره‌جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر 
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