Handwork Exhibition by Raz Shorsh at the ShanadarPark exhibition hall in Erbil, Kurdistan

چه‌ند دیمه‌نێك له‌ پێشانگه‌ی تایبه‌تی خاتوو ره‌ز شۆرش له‌ هۆلی شانه‌ده‌ری شاری هه ولێر.   كه‌تایبه‌ ت بوو به‌ كاری ده‌ستی جوانكاری و رازانه‌وه‌

JASIM GHAFOR 1971 Kurdish Painter | Kurdistan

He was born in 1971  graduated from fine art institute in 1999
 he is living in Britannia at present , and participated in many art work in Britannia and Japan
 he was founding member of two art groups which are (long journey home  and traveling light
 he gained BA degree in fine art in Britannia, and in last exhibition of his study he participated by seven huge painting
 in 2009 to 2011 he studied master degree in fine art from (Trent university ) in Nottingham –Britannia
 in 2011 he particaipated joine exhibition  in London which include many artists from deffrent country  , he participated by video insulation
 he participated in many joint exhibitions inside and outside Iraq, and he has many art workshops

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