Jaza Farig1956 Kurdish artist ~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

 Jaza Farig was born in South Kurdistan in the town of Halabja in 01/06/1956.In 1983 he escaped to the mountains of Kurdistan near the city of Sulaimanya, and after a brief time with freedom fighters of Kurdistan, in 1984 he arrived in Tehran hoping he would be able to migrate to a third country to establish a new life far from dictatorship of Saddam's regime. In 1988 he arrived in Austria and

accepted as a refugee according to the Geneva Convention. In 1989 he completed a language and integration training in Modeling. In 1993 he obtained approval for his studies in Baghdad/Iraq as a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Arts, Vienna. In 1994 he became Austrian Citizen. On the night of 5/07/2005, while on a visit back to South Kurdistan, he died of a sudden heart attack in Sulaimanya.
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