Calligraphy by Kurdish artist~Hoessain Kakayi

Expo Or'eint Art the openings 2013

 Exhibition more then 80 artworks from 15-7-2013 14 Hour PM _ to 31-8-2013 Bib Herzele_ Belgium-Adress: (wattenfabriek) Solleveld 35 - 9550 Herzele - Belgium

New Exhibition from Shanidar Art Expo, By Artist, Hoessain Kakayi ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan 2014

Artist :Hoessain Kakayi1959 | Painter-calligrapher |Recent -Paintings

Kakayi is born in kirkuk 1959 Southren of kurdistan , he is a painter and a master calligrapher in a diffrent styls ;and his passion for diwani script and ta'liq (farsi) as well as shikasta script ;he is a student of the Iraqi master calligrapher(Muhammad Ezzat Karkuki†) , and the master calligrapher( Abdul khaliq shawkat) ,he lives in (gent) belgium since 1988  he staded free graphic at the Acadimi of fine Art -Belgium and active in Art and Calligraphy ; giving art & calligraphy exhibitions

Hoessain Kakayi | Painter-calligrapher

National Museum of illumination, miniature, and calligraphy Algiers  2009
Hoessain Kakayi | Painter-calligrapher

Avin Kaki Kurdish artist~Kirkuk south of Kurdistan

There is so much beauty in life

Beauty is a gift of God
Beauty is in the heart wich touches, 
Simplicity is beauty.

Beauty of sun setting in to ocean, 
in evening
Truth is beauty, beauty is truth
Beauty is the best treasure for, 
one's eye
the beauty of a love that is real.

Bright colors of the rainbow, 
the beauty of spring
What is beauty? 
Beauty is you.

Opening of the personal exhibition By Kurdish artist~ Avin Kaki

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