Calligraphy by Kurdish artist~Hoessain Kakayi

Expo Or'eint Art the openings 2013

 Exhibition more then 80 artworks from 15-7-2013 14 Hour PM _ to 31-8-2013 Bib Herzele_ Belgium-Adress: (wattenfabriek) Solleveld 35 - 9550 Herzele - Belgium

New Exhibition from Shanidar Art Expo, By Artist, Hoessain Kakayi ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan 2014

Artist :Hoessain Kakayi1959 | Painter-calligrapher |Recent -Paintings

Kakayi is born in kirkuk 1959 Southren of kurdistan , he is a painter and a master calligrapher in a diffrent styls ;and his passion for diwani script and ta'liq (farsi) as well as shikasta script ;he is a student of the Iraqi master calligrapher(Muhammad Ezzat Karkuki†) , and the master calligrapher( Abdul khaliq shawkat) ,he lives in (gent) belgium since 1988  he staded free graphic at the Acadimi of fine Art -Belgium and active in Art and Calligraphy ; giving art & calligraphy exhibitions

Hoessain Kakayi | Painter-calligrapher

National Museum of illumination, miniature, and calligraphy Algiers  2009
Hoessain Kakayi | Painter-calligrapher

Opening of the personal exhibition By Kurdish artist~ Avin Kaki

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