Artwork painting by Ashna Abdullah ~Halabja south of Kurdistan

She was born in Halabja She graduated in fine art institute 1995 with a high degree. 
 She was teacher in Kurdish Safe Organization from 1006 to 1997
 She has been employed in ministry of culture in suly 1988
 She was manager of Sulaymanya Museum for 2000 to 2004
 Instate of publishing many art subject, she also managed many joint exhibition 
 She has been horned many times in continuously   in years 2000 and 2001
 she has been lived in Germania at the end of 2004 and followed up her work art
 She has been participated many of joint Woman’s exhibitions every year from 1993 till 2010 in inside and outside Iraq. she participated in joint exhibition of  (sunflower )group in Canada  from timothy’s world news  gallerys”  2005 , and also participated in many joint art exhibition in general.

 she also participated in many  Graphic Joint exhibition  and art’s festivals in years ,1997 , 2000, 2001, 2002  ,and 2004

The DANCE of the BLUE BUTTERFLIES By Naz Aula~ Erbil south of Kurdistan


Art work Painted By Naz Aula~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Poshya Kakil : One greeting from invisible girl for all PAVES

One greeting from invisible girl for all PAVES
I am here ..! but I don't knew why? …I wishful if I know it until I will to tell you.. but realy I don't knew..! it is only a question when I am thinkig of myself with my environment, ask it for myself.. every day some wordes oscillating around me..
And they have a life history with me and with this palce when I live in.. like as
( Blood.. Bloodthirsty .. Kidnapping..Bang..Desructive..Honor Killing......
Women problems , young problems, children problems , education problems..
Visa ..War..and World,,,,more..) all these words are outside of me and, always I have some another words inside myself like as ( Art,,PAVES,, Love.. Fancy.. performance art..peace..freedom.. disobedience.. study..actions ,, ,… )
Indeed my words are so different with the words of outside me and I am live in..! I was combined it and I worte them on one of laceration mirror by lipstick when every day I am looking myself through this mirror at 15 may until now …and I ask for myself:
Where is me?
Where are you?
It was about my action to 15 may so sorry about my lateness because of my laptop was broken and my father was travled to another town with his laptop.. but my action is continuation every days until now ,, always I take photoes of it for you by myself because nobody don't helpe me for taking photoes ..
With best wishes for all PAVES..

Poshya Kakil :Drawing ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Poshya Kakil    Graduated From the College of Fine Arts University of Salahaddin Erbil   -The Erbil  is located in the south kurdistan

Poshya Kakil : Distanse PROJECT

 Distanse PROJECT 
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