Kchi Kafrosh real painting تابلۆی كچی كافرۆش

" Kchi Kafrosh is called a Mona Lisa by Kurdish people.

 The Story about painting Kchi Kafrosh

In 1928, the Kafrosh family- a father with a girl and a boy, moved in from Kurdistan Iran to Koya; a Kurdish city.  They moved in for trade and they settled there after the mother dying recently.  The folk knew little about them, but soon the beauties of the daughter bamboozle d and bewitched everyone.  She was in every talk, between every two persons, and among women. She was fourteen years old and 5 years older than her brother.

Her father started to work and opened a shop for selling ka, and because people not knew her or her name they started to call her Kchi Kafrosh.  It was not a year passed when one day while as usual she was taking lunch to her father through the bazaar, a British officer, who was in charge of the area, saw her and batty fell in love with her.

“Who is she, run after her…Hurry! Hurry!” the officer commanded the batman who found all about her and reported it to the officer.

After that day he always stood in the way to see her because she was a household since their mother was dead, and only came out to send food to his father and brother. The officer asked her hand, but her father rejected it since they were Muslims and if he gave her daughter to a Christian, unknown, and foreign person, he would have lost his reputation for ever. So however the officer tried to persuade him he rejected him. Even some said she also did not like to marry the officer, although he promised to marry her from an Islamic principle, and will cover her in gold, and help her father and brother, but they refused him.

Everyone in Koya knew about the one side love of the officer, and the bold rejections of Kchi Kafrosh. Then one day the officer decided to end the issue and prepared a plan. When as accustomed she brought food to her father, a unit of British soldiers surrounded her and abducted her, and the officer taking her fled back to Britain. When a local called her father and told him that he had seen the soldiers kidnapping her, he searched everywhere, visited and claimed every possible place for any news, while the British counsel promised to bring her back, nothing was known about her, till after some years later when a painting of Kchi Kafrosh arrived painted by a British painter.  From then Kchi Kafrosh became the legend and a fairytale handed down from one generation to another, and her story shall be told forever. Some said he created a castle for her and as he promised bejeweled her as in the picture, and that she lived her live away from her father and brother.

1- The story is a true story
2- Terminology:
·         Kch: daughter, kchi: the daughter of

·         Kafrosh: straw seller

A Story by Baban.A.A,The writer’s memoir
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