Shahram Alidi 1971 Kurdish artist~ Sanandaj~ east of Kurdistan

- born on December 11, 1971 in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan
- began acting on his passion for theater by playing a role at his Elementary School ‘s Theater in 1982
- engaged in Painting in 1988
- graduated in Painting from Beaux Art Faculty, Tehran University, 1998
- won the first prize of National Painting competitions successively in 1991, 1992 and 1993
- worked as the illustrator of children’s book, Interior and scene designer of theaters and Cinema and Graphics Designer from 1994 to 1998
- Directed his first short feature film titled “Mamli” in 1999
- Graduated in Directing from Faculty of Cinema & Theater, Art (HONAR) University, Iran, 2004
- Directed “the Last Uncounted Village” in 2002 which won several awards in International Film Festivals
-Member of jury panel at International Avanca Film Festival, Portugal, 2004
- Directed his first Long feature film titled “Whisper With the Wind” in 2009 and won three awards from the Critic Weeks Section of Cannes’ International Film Festival Competition in 2009
(2002-2004) MA degree in Directing, Faculty of Cinema & Theater, Art (HONAR) University, Iran
(1993-1998) BA degree in Painting, Beaux Art Faculty, Tehran University, Iran

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