Clock Tower at Shar Park, City Center of Erbil south of Kurdistan

Clock Tower at Shar Park, City Center of Erbil 

Mosque,at Shar Park, City Center of Erbil south of Kurdistan

Historical : Qalinj Agha Hill ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

 Qalinj Agha Hill is an important archaeological site located in the center of Erbil. Its name is derived from the word 'Qala Anje', which means 'The Small Mound', in contrast to the huge Erbil Citadel lying one kilometer away. Qalinj Agha Hill is only 7 meter high. The archaeological excavations that were first undertaken in 1966 determined that Qalinj Agha Hill had been the site of several historical inhabitations. These periods during the fourth and fifth millennia B.C. were known as the Hulf-Warka era.

Source:Official Site of General Board of Tourism of Kurdistan

Lalesh Temple -Sheikhan ~ Duhok south of Kurdistan

The Lalesh Temple is the holiest place on Earth for the Yazidis. They believe that it is the place where Noah’s ark docked after the great flood and life began again. Thousands of Yezidis from all over the world go on pilgrimages to the Lalesh temple to drink the holy spring water. It is also the site of the Yezidis annual spring celebration on the first Wednesday of every March. Lalesh is open to people of any and all religions for prayer and visit.
Lalesh Temple

Historical : Citadel of Amadiyya ~ Duhok south of Kurdistan

Citadel of Amadiyya 
This gate was known as (Mosul Gate) or (Sqafa Gate) or (Sinjar Gate), and there are two rocks in the form of human with features of the Ashobi animal in between. According to the archeologists, these rocks have been found during the time of (Ashkanyan) (Part-Alfrtheon), but the historian (Anwar Mayee) in his book (Kurds in Bahdinan) in Amadiya region, has written more about how old these civilizations are, he also adds that Amadiya or (Median Buiding) or (Median) Governorate were two light words and became Amadiya. This region became known by such name in Pre-Islam Era and it was famous by then, besides it was older than Nineveh Governorate, which was the Assyrian Capital. This Governorate is the nearest one to (Shander) which many archeological sites and human skeletons were found belonging to (75000) years BC.

Historical : Diween &Citadel of Salahaddin, ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Diween &Citadel of Salahaddin

Diween Citadel is one of the archaeological and military citadels which was built over a hard natural mound of 1,475m altitude. The mountainous nature of the location was exploited in the construction operation. The citadel is located along an old strategic road in the western part of Serban Mountain. The preserved parts of the citadel and its towers in particular date back to the era of Soran Emirate. Beautiful extensive gardens surround the citadel
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