Sara Talaei or Sunny Sara Kurdish artist~Mahabad east of Kurdistan

The magical abstract art  coming from the meaning the word (Abstract Style)  by russian artist (vasili  candinisiki 1860_1944).
But adjective of " magical" that painter "Sara Talaee" by  herself has  created it.
She after pass several courses and working in diffrent styles of painting, decided to create  some works by etching and wave of abstract and rare and inimitable  from secret lantencies of universe,  natural, make change and variation  to  soul and mind of veiwer and to put a  new  veiewpoint during dynamism path´s veiwer and point meditation , growth sprut and tought inflorescence of audience and humanity free viewpoint.
This work was possible  just by speciall  and  subtly technic in form of dye and structure of new form which coming from the ingenious idea and creativity and artistic experiment of visual arts.
During 3 years work expriment she could by using meaning and concept of (Abstract Style) to give some magical and mysterious into abstract body, that which fortunatelly after inflorescence of this style  and approval expertise in art and lack of similar name in the history of painting style was named to (Magical Abstract) ، and during two  solo exhibition in Tehran and Mahabad 
be registered in her name.

Technic of this style is forming by dye style and mix of organic colours which technic and style both of them are belonged to this artist.

In a general sense, separating trait common property among several things, to emphasize the common ground is. An example would be a round circle abstract all things considered.

The term means extensive, can be applied to any type of art that represent objects and events do not knowable, but generally the kind of bid ...

Art abstract Indeed, the belief that cosmological values ​​in the color and shape Summary and generally nothing to do with the theme of painting 

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