DIGITAL ART BY AHMAD NABAZ Kurdish artist~Erbil south of kurdistan

Opening Portrait Exhibition for second stage Painting students -College of Fine Arts in Sulaimani ~south of Kurdistan

Today monday ( 29 th May 2017 ) Opened a Portrait Exhibition  for second stage Painting students under supervision assistant lecturer ( Layla Qader ) in presence of Dr . rebwar said Dean of the college of fine arts  and number of lecturers and students and artists .
College of Fine Arts formed since 1998/1999 and consists of departments of Plastic Arts and Music. At the Plastic Arts department, there
are branches of Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics, which studies BA, MA and PhD. At the Music department there are branches of Performance and Composition , Ethnomusicology as well as studies for Bachelor's degree qualification. The school seeks to qualify academic cadres in the field of fine arts, in addition to spreading awareness of art in Kurdistan in particular and the region in general.

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