Simko Ahmed Kurdish artist" Nationality: Japanese Citizen from Kurdish origin

 Nationality: Japanese Citizen from Kurdish origin 
Career: Master Degree in Project Managements Tokyo Uni.
B. S in Civil Engineering Sallahadin Uni.
Diploma of Japanese calligraphy Arts at MIFA Institute in Tokyo 
Member of art groups: 
Board member of: JAALA Art association in Tokyo (Japan afro Asia Latin America art group) in charge of Kurdish and Latin American arts for Tokyo JAALA biennale at Tokyo Metropolitan museum
Founder and chairman of Baran Art Association 

Work profile: working as NGO member since his graduation from the college; he had been working as a Civil Engineer/ site planner to support the refugees at emergency conditions such as Kurdistan, Albania, Kosovo, West Africa, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mainly he designs and implements the Engineering projects like infrastructures, building shelters, water and drain system for the refugees, constructing schools, clinic, road and bridges and other infrastructures …etc

*1996-2009, Japanese NGO “Peace Winds Japan” at Tokyo head quarter  

یه‌كه‌مین پێشانگه‌ی‌ هاوبه‌شی‌ مامۆستایانی‌ پیشه‌یی‌ خوێندنگه‌ی‌ برایه‌تی‌ بنه‌ره‌تی‌ به‌شی‌ (سیرامیك ) كرایه‌وه‌ ~هۆڵی مۆزه‌خانه‌ی سلێمانی20-4-2014

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