Amang Mardokhy 1970 Kurdish Artist ~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan,He lives and works now in Stockport Town ,manchester., England

Amang Mardokhy was born in Kurdistan where he trained as an artist. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012 and was awarded the Ken Billany prize for his outstanding work.
Amang is the chair of the Kurdistan Art and Culture group.
His private exhibitions include:

 1991 Kurdistan Swrkew Gallery in Sulaymani.
1996 Kurdistan Azadi exhibition Media Center in Sulaymani.
1996 Canada -Vancouver in kurdish house .
2008 -2009 - 2010 -2011 Manchester -Stockport ,Amang Mardokhy Exhibition year in Gallery of Marple library.
2010 Kurdistan -Sulaymani Exhibition of Amang Mardokhy 
2011 Canada-Vancouver exhibition of Amang Mardokhy kurdish house
2012 Canada-Vancouver Exhibition of Amang Mardokhy Plum Gallery & Scotiabank

Group art exhibitions and activities

1989- 2002 Kurdistan -Kurdish art exhibition,
1996 Iran - Political Poster exhibition, the Kurd genocide, (ANFAL)
1991 - 2002 Europe - The Kurdish artists'group movement exhibition,
2005 Manchester Halabja Chemical bombardment day, ,
2005 Stockport,Vernon mill Gallery - Art for Peace exhibition,
2007 Manchester - Halabja Kurdish artists exhibition in Zion centre.
2007 Manchester - Anfal Kurdish artists group,Media culture Centre.
2010 Manchester - Anfal Festival .
2012 London - Curious Duke Gallery - Art for Peace exhibition
2012 Manchester - Final Degree show exhibition Manchester Metropolitan University
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