Osman Rashid Sculptor~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Araz Talib - visual artist~born in Kirkuk south of Kurdistan,He lives and works now in Amsterdam


I was born in Iraqi Araz Talib touched as a child fascinated by three things: architecture, film and Mount Piramagrun. During the same period, there is no war in the country I visits the mountain 80 km away in Suleimania often with my father. That's why I relates Piramagrun still a time of peace. I discovers that the mountain in winter from a certain point in my city Kirkuk morning between half past six and eight hours to see. Only then the sky is clear enough. Piramagrun is not the only, but a striking and lonely mountain in the landscape around him and so high that there is always snow on the summit.

I dreams on my youth on a study of architects and film director, but that dream comes to an end when I called to military service. Because my country shortly after each other twice in war, first with Iran and then Kuwait and the United States, the 

usual two years required no less than seven. I had draw well, so they let me make copy maps and signs. He also developed during this time my creative visual skills through drawing and painting. my visual work and its ability to address the most miserable situation is something good to help me discover the horrors of war to cope.

After I remain active as an artist in my homeland. But over time this is no longer safe for me and I forced to flee Iraq. Through Jordan, Im finally up in the Netherlands. The mountain Piramagrun i takes with me in the form of a three-sided pyramid made by himself in mirror. He photographs the pyramid in the landscape and makes her part of the plant.

Soon i brings Piramagrun , still as a pyramid, into my paintings. in my work no longer dependent on his surroundings and the image stays longer. He works in oil on wood panels. Studies in Dutch museums Araz seventeenth-century masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer and he is so touched by their work that inspires him to follow their method. This time is also possible by staging a photography and graphics programs for editing photos, but it lacks the craft of painting technique. The process is no less important than the result. There is also no room for chance in Araz 'work. He sees a picture in detail for himself before he has put the first brushstroke.

In his art Araz know his passion for architecture and for direction to combine. He puts existing classical European buildings, whether or not it changed in an environment where you would not expect them. This latter is the casualness with which people destroy their surroundings. There also buildings sprout his own imagination. And he directs a scene with elements together in a painting. Araz realizes that he as an artist has more freedom than in the architecture or in the film world there. In these disciplines is an artist always dependent on others. Another advantage of painting is that the environment can be manipulated without the below have to suffer.

Mountains, and Piramagrun in particular, represent a symbol of Araz room and view the experience as they call if you insist. But this experience raises a skyscraper. The building height is not only a practical purpose, but is equally the result of a fascination with high landscape elements and a desire to transcend human limitations and break through. Man wants to build mountains in the place he chooses. The tower model for the Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis was written in a flat area in modern Iraq, 300 km south of Araz 'birthplace. The story goes that the wife of the then king of the mountains and came to the mountains she missed. To comfort her the king had the tower. The Tower of Babel was the first man-made skyscraper in the world have been.

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