Zahir Sdiq Sculptor~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan په‌یکه‌رساز زاهیر سدیق

له‌دايكبوى شارى سلێمانيه‌ به‌شی په‌یکه‌رسازی په‌يمانگاى هونه‌ره‌جوانه‌كانى سلێمانى ته‌واو كردوه‌
_پرۆژه‌ی په‌يكه‌رسازانى كوردستانى دامه‌زراندوه‌ به شێوه‌يه‌كى به‌رده‌وام له‌زۆربه‌ى شارو شارۆچكه‌كانى كوردستان كارى په‌يكه‌رسازى به‌ ئه‌نجام گه‌ياند وه‌ ديارترينيان(هه‌نگاو له‌ رِواندز,يه‌كگرتن له‌ سلێمانى,ئيبن مسته‌وفى لة هةولێر,په‌يكه‌رى بڕۆنزى عومه‌رى خاوه‌ر له‌ هه‌له‌بجه‌,په‌يكه‌رى په‌رى ده‌ريا له‌ده‌ربه‌نديخان,په‌يكه‌رى دايك له‌ سلێمانى,په‌يكه‌رى شێخ محمود له‌ ده‌ربه‌ندى بازيان)وه‌ده‌يان په‌يكه‌رى تر له‌ شارو شارۆ شارۆچكه‌كانى كوردستان
1991_پرۆژه‌ی په‌یکه‌رسازاننی کوردستانی دامه‌زراندوه‌
1995_ بةهاوكارى كۆمه‌لێَ هونه‌رمه‌ند گه‌له‌رى زامواى دامه‌زراند
1996_ ده‌سته‌ى دامه‌زرينةرى كه‌له‌رى ئةربيلا بووه‌ له‌ هه‌ولێر
2003 _ تائێستا ماموَستاى وانه‌ بێژه‌ لة كۆَلێژیى هونه‌ر له‌سلێمانی

پەیکەری ئیبن مستەوفی - ساڵی ١٩٩٦   شاری هەولێر بەردەم قەڵا 

پەیکەری شەرەف خانی بەدلیسی (باخی گشتی سلێمانی)١٩٩٩

Ali Raza1980 Kurdish artist~ second solo Art exhibition “Fear”

I was born on December 6th, 1980, in a small town called Dooz Khurmatoo, close to Karkuk city, located in south of Kurdistan. I graduated in the Institute of Fine Art, and specialised in painting. 
During my life in Kurdistan, I was involved in art activities; both in solo art exhibitions and group shows. I was the director of Palls Gallery. In addition to this, I managed a Kurdish artist group show for a four month period, which encompassed several cities in southern Kurdistan. 
I have written critiques and articles about art history which were published in newspapers and art magazines, including: Shaker, Aynda, Shewakari, Hunari New, and Guna. I was editor of Hunari New, a modern art magazine. 
I moved to Ireland in 2007. My first solo exhibition was in the Waterford Imagine Arts Festival 2008. 
In 2009, I began studying Art and Design in GMIT Art College, Galway. I am currently specialising in printmaking

Materials:Leather, animal skin, acrylic colour. Fear was my second art exhibition - fear of God, fear of nature, fear of religion. Fear of parents, fear of friends, fear of savageness. Fear of everything around you and around the world.

Kurdish Mask and Puppet exchange at the Red Security (Amna Suraka) in Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Members of the Kurdish Mask and Puppet Exchange exploring the grounds of the   Red Security (Amna Suraka)

Members of the Kurdish Mask 

Red Security Museum(Amna Suraka) ~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Red Security Museum
Sculpture showing torture methods used
This museum is known as the Red Security due to the red color of the security building used by Saddam Hussein regime at that time. In the uprising of 1991, the building had been converted to a museum with several parts where visitors can see how the Kurdish rebels and activists used to be tortured by that brutal regime. The museum opens daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Statue of Mustafa Barzani~ south of Kurdistan

Statue of Mawlawi ~ Halabja south of Kurdistan

Source:Site Kurdistan ART
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