Statues of the renowned Kurdish leader Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji and his fellow fighters in Barda Qaraman, west of Suleimaniya Kurdistan

 Statues of the renowned Kurdish leader Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji

Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji or Sheikh Mahmud Hafid (1878 -- October 9, 1956) was the leader of a series of Kurdish uprisings against the British Mandate of Iraq. - He was sheikh of a Qadiriyah Sufi family from the city of Suleimaniya. - He twice proclaimed himself king of an independent Kurdish state. - Sheikh sued for peace and was exiled in southern Iraq in May 1932 and was able to return to his family village in 1941 where he remained the rest of his years. - He ultimately died in 1956 with his family.  - He was a brave leader against the British Mandate in Iraq and fought for the independence and respect of his people. 

 Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji

Parwez Zabihi 1962 Kurdish artist~ Bokan east of Kurdistan

Perwiz Zabihi Born in bokan 1962

Rostam Zadh -Namo1964 Kurdish artist~Bokan east of Kurdistan.He lives and works now in Erbil south of kurdistan

موحه‌مه‌د ساڵح رۆسته‌م زاده‌(نامۆ)ساڵی 1964له‌ شاری بۆكانی رۆژهه‌لاتی كوردستان له‌ دایك بووه‌ . نامۆ زاده‌ به‌كالۆریۆسی له‌ به‌شی وێنه‌كێشان له‌ كۆلێژی هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی تاران-به‌شی شیوه‌كاری  1988-1993
ماسسته‌ری وه‌رگرتووه‌  له‌ وێنه‌كێشان به‌پله‌ی نایاب له‌ كۆلێژی هونه‌ری زانكۆی ئازادی -تاران
مامۆستا له‌ كۆلیژی هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی شاری هه‌ولێر له‌به‌شی شێوه‌كاری
ئه‌ندامی كارای سه‌ندیكای هونه‌رمه‌ندانی كوردستان-هه‌ولیر
ئه‌ندامی فه‌خری ئه‌نجومه‌نی هونه‌رمه‌ندانی شێوه‌كارو په‌یكه‌رسازانی -تاران
پێشانگه‌ی تایبه‌تی
له‌ سالی 1995-2008زیاتر له‌ پانزه‌ پێشانگه‌ی تایبه‌تی كردۆته‌وه‌ له‌ ده‌ره‌وه‌ و ناوه‌وه‌ی كوردستان تاران-سنه‌-بۆكان-سه‌قز-سلیمانی-هه‌ولێر
پیشانگه‌ی هاوبه‌شه‌كان
به‌شداری چه‌ندان پێشانگه‌ی هاوبه‌ش كردووه‌ هه‌ر له‌ ساڵی1995تا2011
چه‌ندین ئه‌زمون و چالاكی ئه‌نجام داوه‌ له‌ په‌روه‌رده‌و فێركردن

Art work Painted By Asuda Ahmad ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Alan Fatah1977 Kurdish artist~Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Alan Fatah

Ako Ghareeb 1962 kurdish painter ~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Artist Ako Ghareb. born in 1962,went to institute of fine art in sulaymaniah in 1980 an graduate in 1985

Sulaiman Shakir1937 Kurdish artist~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

He was born in Erbil region in 1937. He graduated from Academic of Fine Art in Baghdad.. He started painting during his first years in the secondary school.
He served as an art instructor in various eastern schools. The subject of his paintings stem from the various aspects of Anatolian life style. He mostly uses oil paint and water color paint in his paintings where yellow green and maroon are the dominant colors.
The artist claims that the subjects of his paintings have universal themes which apply to all forms of life styles and cultures.
He is currently painting in his studio in Erbil. He has opened 9 personal art exhibitions and has participated numerous joint exhibitions.
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