Arselan Ahmed 1971Kurdish Painter ~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

ئه‌رسلان ئه‌حمه‌د ساڵی1971له‌ سلێمانی 
له‌دایك بووه‌ 
 به‌شداری زیاتر له‌ 70پێشانگه‌ی هاوبه‌شی كردوه‌  له‌ -هه‌ولێر-دهۆك- سلێمانی
 چوارجار خه‌ڵات كراوه‌له‌ ڤێستیڤاڵ و به‌شداریه‌كانی 
هه‌روه‌ها چه‌ندین تابلۆی كراوه‌ به‌ به‌رگی گۆڤارو كتێبی رۆشنبیری
 چه‌ندین مۆنتیڤی بڵاو كراوه‌ته‌وه‌ له‌گۆڤارو رۆژنامه‌كاندا
ئه‌ندامی یه‌كیتی هونه‌رمه‌ندانی كوردستانه‌

Dara Aram is a contemporary painter

Dara Aram Artist
Dara Aram is a Toronto based contemporary painter who has studied fine art at the Suleymani Institute of Fine Art in Kurdistan and at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto Canada. Since 1980, Aram has painted and created installations.

“My recent work is a continuation of the exploration of visual expression about the human relationship with others and with nature. These contemporary works reflect my daily views from my balcony overlooking the Toronto skyline….Mystical shadows and lines combined with the colorful sky formations and nature inspire these works….Watery images, dark misty horizons and whimsical forms fuel the soul’s imagination…Continuing with my former themes, I have incorporated abstracted forms of women in these recent paintings. The works are simplified, depicting three main layers of strata floating with splashes of abstracted forms found amidst the horizon lines, orchestrating the history and music of time and the ever changing environmental landscape.
The only things that make my life have meaning and strength is creating peace in painting and telling stories of women and nature where ever I live. I think that to survive in this world, it is best to connect with women and nature. These things are my strongest passions for an existence. Painting and listening to music is the way of my life.”. 

Aram has exhibited 86 solo and group shows world wide in galleries and museums, including Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Middle East and North America. He has received numerous grants and awards. Also, he has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and TV. Aram’s works are in private and public collections such as the Canadian Embassies in Denmark and in Sweden. Mr. Irvin Zuker, a prominent art collector from Hamilton, Ontario and well known Canadian artists Leonard Cohen and Doris McCarthy and Mayor of Richmond Hill Mr. Dave Barrow and York Regional Chief of Police Mr. Armand P. La Barge own Aram’s works. He has donated numerous works to charities and cultural event

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