Rekan Qadr | kurdish painter~ koya south of Kurdistan,He lives and works now in Stockholm, Sweden

Soran Esmail ~kurdish painter~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

 Soran Esmail  Graduated: from  the college of Fine Arts University of Salahaddin hawler -The Hawler is located in the south kurdistan ,

Shiraz Aziz 1983 Sculptor~ Duhok south of Kurdistan

 Shiraz Aziz Year Of Birth: 1983 
 In 2000 I was accepted in the Fine Art Institute.
 2005 My graduation
 2006 - 2007 I worked as a teacher in the same institute.
 2007 have been accepted in college of Fine Art/ Salahadin University.
 I participate in the annual festivals of the Fine Art Institute.
 In 2003 I participate in the Carnaval of (passing 40 days on "1st February" accident.
 2004 I participate in a triple show with the artists (Barzan Mohsin and Rozheen Ibrahim) in Shaheed Salman hall.
 2006 I participate in Duhok Galary.
 2007 I participate in a show with artists of Kurdistan and South of Iraq in Arbil.
 2006 Putting 15 sculptures at the banks of Duhok River.
 2009 participating in the University Festival
 Making the decores for a number of plays and clips in Duhok, Hawler, Sulaimanya , chamchamall and Diyar Bakir.

Kurdish Sculpture in College of Fine Arts Hawler Salahaddin University~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Kurdish Sculpture in College of Fine Arts Hawler Salahaddin University, Erbil   | by Students of sculpture at the college of Fine Arts |  by Awaz Aziz and Bzhar Khdir   

په‌یكه‌رێك  له‌  كۆلێژی هونه‌ره‌ جوانه‌كانی هه‌ولێر . دروستكراوه‌ له‌ لایه‌ن قوتابیانی به‌ شی په‌یكه‌رسازی . ئاواز عه‌زیز و بژارخدر

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