Antiq Kala shop, Erbil Citadel ~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

Antiq Kala shop

Antiq Kala, a touristy shop that one of the few things functioning inside the citadel ئه‌نتیكه‌خانه‌ی قه‌ڵاتی هه‌ولێر

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Historical : The Citadel of Arbil

Erbil (also written Arbil or Irbil), in Arabic: اربيل‎ - is called Hawler in Kurdish: هه‌ولێر
The Erbil Citadel is considered among the most ancient citadels known as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It is built in the center of Erbil City on a 25 meters high hill. The Citadel covers 110,000 square meters. Its construction goes back to (6,000 ) B.C. The number of dwellings inside the Citadel amounts to 506. It is divided into three quarters: Al Saray, Topkhana and Takyah .The houses of affluent residents are characterized by the sturdiness of construction and their strong foundations which helped in the resistance to the vicissitudes of times. Many houses in the citadel offer inscriptions, colors and beautiful decorations.

Historical : Choly Minaret~south of Kurdistan

 Choli Minaret is considered to be one of the most prestigious landmarks of Erbil City. It is 22 meters high and just 1 kilometer south of Erbil’s Citadel. Built in 1128-1138 AD during the rule of Sultan Mudhaffar Al-Din Called, it is also Al-Mudhafariah Minaret. The local inhabitants refer to it as ‘Choli’ because it was far from the city. Truly fascinating for those interested in local history
Choly Minaret

Mosque in Erbil Citadel ~south of Kurdistan

Mosque, Citadel of Arbil

Historical :The Citadel Bath | Erbil

Historical :The Citadel Bath | Erbil گه‌رماوی قه‌ڵای هه‌ولێر
The Bath is more than 200 year old and dates back to the 18th century. It is formed by two main sections: one for use in summer and the other for winter. It contains two bathing halls topped by two large domes. The bath area is approximately 782 m2. At the north side of the bath is a special well with a 5m diameter and a depth of 45m. Its bottom reaches the Citadel base. At the end of 1979 the bath was renovated and rehabilitated.
Historical :The Citadel Bath | Erbil گه‌رماوی قه‌ڵای هه‌ولێر

Historical :Kirkuk's citadel~ south of Kurdistan

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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