Mohamed Arif Kurdish artist~(1937-2009)~ Erbil south of Kurdistan محمد عارف

Artist  Mohamed Arif 1937: Born in Rawandiz- Kurdistan  -1956: diploma from   institute of fine arts-Baghdad -1967: Master of fine arts from Sorikov academy-Moscow  -2004: Doctor degree. He was instructor in: Baghdad fine arts institute ,Baghdad and Babylon arts college & Engineering college architecture department in Salaheddeen ,college & Engineering college architecture department in Salaheddeen . university & he become Dean of fine arts college in Salaheddeen university. His personal exhibitions: 1961-1967: Three exhibitions in Soviet Union 1971-2001: Eleven exhibitions in Baghdad, Erbil & Sulaimany Group exhibitions:1969-2005; Participated several exhibitions in Kurdistan, Baghdad & USSR,Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Syria, France,   G.D.R, United Kingdom, F.R.G & India  His products published in Kurdistan, Baghdad & some other countries Theoretical works 1980-2007: He wrote in Kurdish & Arabic and translated to them from Russian 27 books (published 18 of them)

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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