Dara Mohamed Ali1950 Kurdish artist~ Erbil south of Kurdistan دارا محمد علي

Dara Mohamed Ali 1950 Born in Erbil-Kurdistan. He is a member of Kurdistan Artist's association, Iraqi painters' group, Iraqi sculpture association and  Kurdistan journalist's syndicate.  He is one of the establishment members of Fine arts institute in Erbil, Hand working center in Erbil,  Zamwa gallery in Suleimany & Erbela gallery. Teacher of art in Howler schools more than 30 years. Several of them in Howler fine arts institute. 2004 Became arts education super visor in the ministry of education –Kurdistan regional government. He is the manger of (Asoy Mindalan) magazine. He worked in many pamphlets and children magazines like (Heng) & (Estera) 1971-2005: 13 Personal exhibitions in Howler, Suleimany, Duhok & Baghdad. He participated more than 25 sharing exhibitions in Kurdistan, Baghdad, Germany, Japan & South Korea. He also works in Caricature art, Motive art, Children art, Calligraphy, Crafts & Theater decoration. He published two books: Kawna Gund you are always in my memory & Motives book. He writes articles on Kurdish folklore & Drawing arts. He drew Motives of these books: Civic education, Kurdish A B C & Syriani reading

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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