Peshmerga statue in Kirkuk south of Kurdistan پەیکەری پێشمەرگە لە شاری کەرکوک

“This statue is a symbol of the Peshmerga’s “by Kurdish Sculptor Man Ahmed Dalo,The Peshmerga are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect us. This statue is our small gesture, dedicated to the Peshmerga as a sign of appreciation and respect from the people of Kirkuk,” he added.He explained the monument is robust and made mostly from cement and iron.
The statue is 14 meters broad and 21 meters high so far. The height might reach over 23 meters once we put the Kurdistan flag,” Barzan Ahmed, the spokesperson for the six Kirkuk artists responsible for creating the statue, told Kurdistan24 on Tuesday The statue is located near the gate to Kirkuk province in the north, on the main road to Erbil . Kirkuk is an oil-rich province located in the south of the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq.Although Kurds make up the majority of the population there, the province is home to various ethnic and religious groups including Turkmen, Arabs, and Christians.
پەیکەری پێشمەرگە لە شاری کەرکوک بەرزی پەیکەر / 23 مەترە و بنکی پەیکەر 15 مەترە و کەرەسەی بەکار هێنراو   (ئاسن - چیمەنتۆ - فایبەر کلآس) ه‌ ماوەی کارکردنی  دوو ساڵی خایاندووه‌ لەسەر ئەرکی کەسایەتی ناوداری شاری کەرکوک، (رەمەزان حاجی رەشید) وهاوکارانی ئەنجام دراوە.
لەسەر دەستی پەیکەرسازی شاری کەرکوک ،  مامۆستا (مان احمد دەلۆ) وگروپەکەی ناسراو بە (گروپی مامۆستا مان) دروستکراوە

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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