Chato Hassan1945 Kurdish artist~ Erbil south of Kurdistan

The Kurdish artist Chato Hassan was born in 1940 in a district of Erbil. He’s studied at the Institute of Teachers and is a member of Syndicate of Artists in Kurdistan. From 1983 to 2010 he opened four exhibitions. Chato is one of the leading artists of Kurdistan. He’s spent most of his life in Erbil, a life which is full of art experience and activities in an academic manner based on principles of universal art of painting. 
As an educated teacher, he’s taught his students for serving art and science in Kurdistan. His art is originated from nature of Kurdistan and Kurdish culture and the form of life that Kurds leading in villages and cities. The daily life of the bazaars, Tayrawa’s neighborhoods, the minaret and the traditional markets that had traditional style were among topics of his art. On the other hand, mountains of Kurdistan have been also part of the paintings he’s designed in Chinese ink, such as Safin Mountain which is the symbol of Erbil Province. Works in water color are also other examples of his artistic product.  
Chato Hassan is a well-known artist in Erbil, he’s been working with art since 1960s. Many of the artists nowadays were his students. The means used in some of his paintings is oil color by which he’s painted the beautiful nature of Kurdistan. 
Apart from educating students, the artist himself has always been an active teacher in the field of Kurdish painting through opening exhibitions and participating in festivals, seminars and national occasions and international days from 1985 to 2007 in the cities of Koya, Sulaimani, Baghdad and Erbil. 
He also has a good connection with the world of photography. Chato Hassan regards photography as part of his life, the reason why he’s devoted years of his life to photography. In spite of his age, he wants to achieve things that painting is not always able to achieve for him. 
By Ashti Garmiyani

مامۆستا (چەتۆ حەسەن)قوتابخانه ى سۆرانى سه ره تايى كوران1965
 قوتابخانە ی سۆرانی سە رە تایی كوڕان ساڵ /١٩٦٤ - ١٩٦٥

Source:Site Kurdistan ART 

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