Narmin Mustafa Kurdish Artist~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

Narmin Mustafa born in1980 Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan 
1994-1999:Studied at the Fine arts institution in Sulaymaniyah with diploma degree
1999-2003:studied at Art academy college in the university  Sulaymaniyah of with bachelor degree
2009-2011:studied MA in Fine arts in university of Sulaymaniyah with masters degree
2003-2011:design manager in the Sardam Publishin House...And as an employee in the ministry of culture
2004-2013:teacher in the fine arts institution
2007-2010: lecturer in the art academy college in the university of Sulaymaniyah
participated in more that 40 exhibitions inside Kurdistan and abroad
participated in the exhibitions of the countries like(Germany-Austria-France-Italy-Egypt-Sweden-Jordan-Iran and Turkey)
Now lecturer in the college of  Fine art in the university of Sulaymaniyah

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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