Opening of the personal exhibition by Kurdish artist Dilshad Bahadin~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

 The personal art exhibition of ( Dilshad Bahadin) under the title, ( praise our land with the soul of women ) on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 11:00am at Tawar hall by women's union of Kurdistan
پێشانگه‌ی تایبەتی شێوەكار ( دڵشاد بەهادین ) لەژێر ناونیشانی ( ئاوەدان بێ نیشتیمانێ بە ڕۆحی ژن ) لە ڕۆژی 8ی مارسدا كات: 11 سەر لە بەیانی لە لایەن ڕێكخراوی یەكێتی ژنانی كوردستان كرایه‌وه‌  لە هۆڵی (تەوار)ی شاری سلیمانی

Biography of the artist Dilshad Bahadin.
he was born 1974 in Sulaymaniyah.kurdistan
The first personal exhibition in 2007.
Participated in (60) exhibition in the inside and outside kurdistan.
Member of Athadalphenanin Kurdistan.
Working in gellery Zamwa gallery in Sulaymani.
Modv in the Department of Fine Arts in Sulaymaniyah.
Most of the paintings were published in books and magazines and the cover art for books.

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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