Hamid Jamal Kurdish artist~Born in Shaqlawa- Erbil south of Kurdistan

Personal Information : My Experiment Practicing art for me is like a game, as I was child playing with wire, soil, wood and tar. In the same way now these are continuous, but with completely differentzest, test and thought that they are full of happiness and sorrow. Where I live is full of happiness, sorrow and big humanity disasters, at the same time the struggle between the custom form the society and individuals, lawful and inviolable form other side are been the huge impedance in front of any kind of progress which is needed for the development of the society, those are a part of what called source of my artworks and print my point of view and perspectives in a semi realistic style. The area of my work piece been the silent struggling space between me and the reality, and this is an attempt or a message for rising up the drowsy numb souls. The way I work After preparing the canvas, I fill up the spaces with intentional meaningful tools, the Idea and the horizon of the subject in a symbolic type determining the forms, at the time of working the forms and masses are changing many times, till the forms specify their own proper space for themselves. Forms are the true sound of the meaning and the core of the subject, beside other tools and things needed till it gives all the hidden objects behind the forms. I find serious link between the thought and various appliances that helps me technically to style my works and embodying my ideas, although sometimes the appliances been an obstacle in front of embodying my work pieces. Color Dealing with the colors excepting the physical side, in which idea of my works determines the colors. Colors have their own life, specific tune and a movement, beside the symbols, forms and the elements the colors show their power, ability and affects. The colors I use are oil, acrylic, and water paints. the lack of the colors and the expensive costs for a long time obliged us to use colors that part of them used beside every day food staff, especially the ground pepper, spices and turmeric, Also using the mountain colorful soil and the powder been used in clothes and textiles coloring, with ash and matt co emulsion paint mixed with wood glue. I mostly use the white color the other colors have to get permission from the white color to appear on the painting area. Numbers through centuries our life been full of catastrophes , unhappiness and wars, so our mass graves and even individual ones are being only holes which each hole have a figure… so using numbers and been reused many times in my works is somehow going back to the background of killing and massacres culture in which thousands of peoples been sacrificed in the historical events of our homeland. Knotted sacks For me putting any signs and symbols is a meditation not looking at. The knotted sacks as a prepared form in my works complementing my ideas meanings objectives I wanted to express to make it more affective and more attractive to the view and feelings of the viewers, to emerge questions. the sacks expressing many issues at the same time, they tell us about the characteristics’ of oriental society , violence and the preservers narrow-mind, that how they justify the women and men whom practicing amatory, which their limbs been bound and put in a sack and thrown by stones till their soul depart from their body. So is when the sacks will be part of Bamian temple in Afghanistan. Poppy grass Attaching poppy grass on the on the Picture of Bamian Temple, which is a grass narcotizes and they extract opium and anesthetics for it, is another symbol for whom which they retaliate under the curtain from the civilization and humanity and they trade with human souls. Nailed Tree The Nailed Tree as tens of other temples have its own special attractive aesthetic side, many people believe in this tree and they see it like a bridge for passing the pains they have… it has an abstract form, when I work on the Nailed Tree subject through photo or tableau is to uncover the secrets of beauties of this solid mass and present it in technical form and as an artistic subject… Lalish Temple The most attractive part in the Lalish Temple and Ezidians for me is that they been in face of the attacks and unfairness along their history, to abandon their thoughts and religion, but they defended their own customs and thoughts… it is clear that every religion have its own rituals and the attendants practicing them. One can see many meaningful beautiful symbols in Lalish Temple, beside that is full of uncovered secrets, form those attracted me are: Vases, olive oil, water , fire, the knotted pieces of cloth, the black snake, and the bundle of wheat flower, painted eggs , colors, white and blue color, and puppies, all this have its certain meaning. I got those forms and used it as an art project and with another specificity in my paintings spaces and gave them another meaning and perspective different from that of this community intended. Black snake in one of my painting under the name of heaven and hell which I used different materials, I am discussing the hope and dreaming of Human being for gaining the heaven while the took various ways, like Ezidians they try it through the binding of a pieces of cloth and throwing three stones in two holes which they name on of it the Heaven and the other Hell… instead of these holes and pieces of cloth I put a black snake, as a symbol of the cleanness, because if the human not been by himself clean, nothing would make him clean, it is clear that the black snake considered as an sacred creature… by Babylonians it was the symbol of immortality and the guard of the their temples, by Zarathustrians and Ezidians was the symbol of life and death and a good power, in Noah’s ark the snake closing the hole in the ship and saved the peoples on the board to sank. ancient Egyptians put it on their crowns as a sacred symbol, and at the same time by some others been used as the symbol of treason as Hawa deceived Adam and the result was been put out of the heaven. Peacock one will find this bird in my paintings, beside the beauty it was the symbol in ancient religions, Sumerians for them it was the symbol of beauty and goodness, the Arabs before Islam period they worshiped the peacock , for Ezidians the MalaK Tawoos ( the King Tawoos) have big position beside the other six Angels, the figure of those 7 Angles been casted form the copper in the form of a peacock which cold Sidjiq… if the peacock been the symbol of cleanness and Goodness and love by Ezidians, the Boraq is the symbol of Islam , and the Cross Christians , the water and fire are Zarathustra’s symbol. Fire setting fire is another action done inside the Lalish Temple, it is clear that setting fire in certain places inside the temple is a ritual, the fire is the symbol of cleanness and lightness, exactly opposite the darkness and dirt. Depending on Zarathustrians and Ezidians the God created the universe from water, fire and soil. Anemone The anemone often seen in my paintings, I tried to use it as a prepared form and been the main part which cover part of spaces in the tableau… Anemone is a natural growing plant which grow in the third and fourth month in Kurdistan plain and mountains, with different color… the first Wednesday of the April every year is the first day of Ezidians new year, the day the Malak Taues ( Peacock King) been created… in this day most of the Ezidians they go to their temples, one of the rituals they practice is that anyone want his dreams been real they attach a bunch of anemone around the hole where the fire set out in upside-down position. When I change the color of anemone to white, blue or yellow, I am presenting changes in the mind of the peoples that been slave of the custom and ancient culture, which causes many catastrophic accidents…

Hamid Jamal Ahmad

1954 Born  in Shaqlawa –Erbil-Iraq
1977 Obtained Diploma in Management at University of Mustansryia, Management and Economy Collague .
1992Personal Exhibition in Midia Gallery , Erbil
1993 Personal Exhibition , Manusipality Hall ( Thisted), Denimark.
1994 Personal Exhibition , Media Gallery , Erbil.
1997 Personal Exhibition , Media Gallery , Erbil.
1997 Personal Exhibition, Shaheed Salman Hall, Dohok.
2000 Personal Exhibition, Kurdistan Gallery , Erbil.
2002 Personal Exhibition, Sulaimani Museum Gallery, Sulaimani .
2008 Personal Exhibition, Kurdistan Gallery, Erbil.
2009 Personal Exhibntion, La Ferme d’en Haut, Lille , France.

Joint Exhibitions:

Since 1972 , Paticipated in most Joint Exhibitions inside and outsid Iraq.
1998 Founded Kurdistan Gallery On the Erbil Citadel .
2008 Founded Merg Gallery in Erbil.
2003-2011 Technical Director of Shewekary magzin ( Palstic Art Magazin)

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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