Mariwan Jalal Kurdish artist~Oil And Blood

I have used force to make the barrels attractive and powerful in colour and I have attempted to identify my background through this work and show the events, which have happened in my country because of the oil and how it has affected our daily life. 
I have been working on oil barrels. Using oil in my work is not something that most people expect; although oil turns into an invading army (fatal weapon) against people and environment, when is misused.
A documentary film from the BBC channel “Blood and Oil” influenced the recent pieces I based upon. Status quo, Oil has become a part of the destruction of the world rather than to make the world happy.
My primary focus of my work was on the balance between wheel throwing and press mould building. The martial, which my work is mainly produced from, is clay-throwing barrels and press moulding top oil drum barrels fashioned from concept and design I have conceived.

Oil And Blood 

 BA (Hons) Ceramics University London of the Arts
2005/2007 Student at City & Guilds Ceramics / 2005-2007
National Diploma foundation Art and Design Newham College/ 2004-2005
1989 Diploma in Fine Art- Kurdistan/ Iraq

Solo Exhibitions:
2011- Sulamany museum- Iraq 
2011- The Gallery/ Willesden Green
2009- Kurdistan, zamwa Gallery
2008- Paddington Library – London- UK
2007- Kenneth Moore Theatre hall –London- UK
2007- Picture House Greenwich – London- UK
2006-2007 Picture house–Stratford-London- UK
2006- Ilford library hall-London- UK
2004- M-art gallery –Arnhem – Holland
1995- 1998 Kurdistan

Group Exhibition:
2011 Platforma Festival/ London
2011 The National gallery- Sulamany
2011 The Mile End Art Pavilion- London
2011 London/ GX Gallery-London 
2011 Aberystwyth/ International Ceramics Festival, Arts Centre- UK
2011 London/ Camberwell College of Art
2011 London/ The Gallery-Willesden Green (Exhibition in Print2011)- London
2010 Sweden/Stockholm/Our new reality/ Workshop with children.
2010- Sweden/ Tellus Art/ art for a cause
2010- Japan/ JALA festival
2010- Sulamany/ Ceramics and Sculptures exhibition. 
2010- The Biscuit Factory, Camberwell College Second Year Exhibition
2008- 2009 SW1 Gallery/London
2008- Zaal de laagte, Amstelveen, Nederland (group)
2008- SW1Gallery /Westminster Arts London (group)
2008- Exhibition at the Old Town Hall, Stratford
2007- Manchester memorial Halabja and Anfal
2005- Well-made 5 Town hall Stratford
2004- Well-made 4 Town hall Stratford
2004- Newham College
2004- London city airport
2003- Well-made3 Town hall Stratford/London
2003- Kurdish Association in London
1989 -2002more than (60) Exhibition Inside and Outside Kurdistan

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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