StillLife :Rostam Aghala1969 Kurdish Artist~ Koya south of Kurdistan

Rostam Aghala
Painter/Art photographer

Born in 1969 Koya, Kurdistan, Iraq

Graduated in 1989 at Fine art Institute, Sulaymani
Managing Zamwa Gallery for 12 years

Selected shows 

1989 His first successful Show at Media Gallery Hawler Kurdistan (shown 500 Paintings).
1992- Show at Sulaymani and Koya
1994 -Show in this year at Sulaymani
1995- Show in Media Hall, Hawler
1996 - Show in Sulaymani Hall ( Daboka)
1997 , 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2003 shows in Sulaymani

International Exhibition 

1992 slide show of art work in Kuwait and Italy
1995 A show in Paris with support of (A.M.I)
2008 A show in Germany Konsluta Gallery
2002 Tokyo Biennale JALA in Japan
2010 JALA Biennale show in Japan


2000- Second prize Poster show International Red Crescent competition
2000- first prize in Art Photography Italy for Festival of Kurdish artist
2001- second prize in Art Photography Italy for Festival of Kurdish artist


2005 Ministry of culture publishing catalogue of selected work
2007 Complete collection of his art works published by Aras Publishing
2009 Taw Magazine published selection of photographs

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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