Sadradeen Ameen1963 Kurdish artist~ Kirkuk south of Kurdistan He lives and works now in USA


1963, Born in Kirkuk
1986-87, Studied at Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq
2001-present, Lives and works in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
1989, Kurdish Modern Art, Arbil, Iraq
1989, Al-Wasiti Festival
1995, Exhibit with Hussein Kakayi, Sluis, The Netherlands
1997, Five Artists Show, Brussels, Belgium
1998, Five Artists Show, Disterbrugen, Belgium
1999, Spanish Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan
2000, Show with Hessam Kakay, Ezerman Gallery, The Netherlands
2001, Lititz Woods Art Show, Pennsylvania, USA
2001, International Art Gallery, California, USA
2001, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
2002, Five Artists Show, Elzbieta Middel, Kollum, The Netherlands
2002, Exhibit with Shamsaldin Hama, Milton Hershey School Museum, Pennsylvania, USA
2002, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
2003, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
2004, AYA Gallery, London, England
2005, Araguaney Foundation, Spain
1999, French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan
2001, Suk Shuglie Gallery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
2001, Cygnet Studios, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA
2003, Suk Shuglie Gallery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
2005, Liquid Heat Gallery , Lancaster, Pennsylavania, USA
2007, Cygnet Studios, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA
2008, Lancaster Museum of Art , Pennsylvania, USA
First Prize, Landis Woods Art Show, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Honorable Mention, Lancaster Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, USA

The search for a paradise that has disappeared, 
the reflections on the simple and invisible things of this world, 
the depth of substance of creatures, 
and a penetration into the profundity of the human spirit...
This is my particular world. 
 My paintings are expressions full of modernity;
they are also childish dreams in color, 
expressive of the sweet passing of the beauty, 
the symbols and the myths of old civilization. 
The creatures of my work are mythical poems 
illuminated by the charm of my country which comes from the distant past--
part of it still found in nature, the other part already perished. 
It is pure, personal discovery. 
 I am inspired 
by ancient civilization and religious myths, fables and popular art. 
I look to the art of children and the designs of ancient cave-dwellers. 
I look for new horizons that have no ending. 
My world seems strange to many people, 
but it is real, and has the taste of modernity. 
When I paint, I feel that I live in an ancient world, 
or like a child who has just begun 
to learn to paint with total happiness. 
 Sadradeen Ameen

Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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