DIGITAL ART BY AHMAD NABAZ Kurdish artist~Erbil south of kurdistan

Ahmed Nabaz Tahir
+964(750) 4259323
Date of Birth : 26\4\1986 – Erbil 
Diploma in Fine Art  2007-2008 - Erbil  
Bachelor in Fine Art  2011-2012 Erbil 

        Ahmed Nabaz Taher ..was  born in 26\4\1986 – in Erbil- kurdistan of iraq,he is got Diploma in Fine Art  2007-2008 - Erbil . Bachelor in Fine Art  2011-2012 Erbil .he is a professional artist, including he is a professor assistant for lecturing .who specializes in painting and  modern art" (installation art. photo art. Digital art, video art ,Photo collage media art . 

Participated on most activities and exhibitions during studying.
2005, arranged exhibition called “We are like this”? Or “Ema wayn”?. Erbil Kurdistan teachers Union. 
2006, Nowruz festival exhibition conducted by Gara group, Erbil Media hall.
 2006, Media youth group’s exhibition, Erbil.
2007, youth group exhibition, Ala Center, Erbil.
2007, “Dating with Lines” Chwar Chra Hotel, Erbil.
2007, Youth day’s exhibition, Sulaymaneyah.
2008, youth group festival with Hawkar Group, Media Hall, Erbil.
2008, Halabja anniversary exhibition, Ala Center, Erbil. 
2007-2008, graduated from Institute of Fine Art, painting branch, Erbil
2008-2012, enrolled at Salahaddin University, Fine art department, Erbil.
Participated to all activities during Bsc, study. 
2010, participation of (17) artists, Shanadar Gallery, Erbil.
2010, photography exhibition on Climate, Chwar Chra Hotel Erbil.
2010, exhibition” Cloves on apples”  Shanadar Gallery, Erbil.
2010, Taw fair, Sami Abdulrahman park, Erbil
2010, exhibition of Seven photographers, sponsored by Art creatures friends, Shanadar Gallery.
2010, participated with photography called “Life reflection on photos”, Institute of Fine Art, Erbil.
2011, photography exhibition “violence against women” , Saad Abdulla Hall, Erbil.
2011, the anniversary of Erbil’s release, Shanadar Gallery Erbil.
2011, Photo gallery exhibition sponsored by Piro organization, Salahaddin University, Erbil.
2011, The Plant , Media Gallery, Erbil.
2011, 11 Artists exhibition, sponsored by Daily Arts Salahaddin University, Erbil. 
2011, Zoomed Life, Salahaddin University, Erbil.
2011, Senior’s exhibition, Salahaddin University, Erbil.
2012, the anniversary of Erbil’s release, Mnara Park, Erbil.
2012, photography exhibition “violence against women”, Ministry of Culture Hall, Erbil.
2012, Graduation projects, Media Gallery, Erbil.
2012, Duhok Gallery season, Duhok.
2012, with Shara Baban, for Children day, Shanadar park , Erbil.
2012, Youth festival, Peshawa Hall, Erbil.
2012, 16 photographers exhibition, sponsored by Piro organization and Kurdistan Artists Union, Erbil.
2013, One week for art Festival, Koya.
2013, 20 artists exhibition for the anniversary of Erbil’s release, Media Gallery, Erbil.
2013, Hamreen Mountain.
2015, Visual Art Teachers exhibition, Salahaddin University, Erbil.
2016, Gallery Duhok, Duhok.
2016, as a creature, for Seven Artists exhibition, Erbil.

    Solo Exhibitions 
2011, photography exhibition called Wan’s Pain, Shanadar Gallery Erbil, Amna Swraka, Sulaymaneyah,
2012, the Kurdish journalistic anniversary, Soran, Erbil.
2012,First solo exhibition, Salahaddin University, Erbil.
2014, the Chair Project, Salahaddin University, Visual art department.
2015, digital project, The Destroyers.
2016  digital project the historey came back.

Current Job:

Teacher in College in Fine Art Erbil  
Foundation Committee of Erbil Artistic Museum


Source:Site Kurdistan ART

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